Theater project

dear possible theater-workshop attendants!
although we enjoy the theater workshop as it is right now, we have some proposals. the initial idea of the workshop was to make a firm impro-theater group. right now it is different people coming to each workshop, arriving late and leaving early. like this we can make some easy going, fun activities and just pass time, but we are not really making progress or going anywhere. today we wanted to discuss about this, but almost nobody (also of the people claiming on facebook that they would attend) came. therefore i’m writing this.
we don’t know what you’re interested in when coming to the theater workshop. we had the idea to rehearse a play, now that it’s winter and too cold & dark to play on the streets. this would bring us further and be something productive. but for this we need a group of people that regularly shows up and participates in a reliable way. if nobody is interested in this, we can just continue the usual way and keep doing basic exercises and have some fun. if somebody is interested, i’m sure we can make something great! so please think about it and show up (!) next thursday, at least when you’re interested.

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